Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How to watch F1 (Formula 1) for free in the UK and Europe 100% legally.

In the UK The Australian Grand Prix is airing live on Sky Sports F1. But if you are a F1 fan and don't have Sky, or don't want to wait for the Ch4 highlights show etc, there is a way you can watch live for free (you need a Satellite dish), without doing anything illegal.

So if you have a spare Sky Satellite dish that you do not use, you just need to change the location that it points, from 28 degrees to 19 Degrees, or as you look from behind the dish to the right a bit.
Now you need a few things. Satellite Finder ( Cheapest one I could find)

Spare bit of Satellite cable ( Cheapest one I could find) to connect the finder to the dish and the cable to your box.

Now if you have an old Sky box, you can tune in single channels in the other menu. This can be a bit of a faff, so why not pick up a cheap Satellite receiver ( Cheapest one I could find)

Once connected, you just move the dish slowly to the right until you get a signal, a small dish will not pick up the satellites in between, but the signal from Astra 19 is strong so should be first one you find. Then once you get a signal you can just do a blind scan and pick up hundreds of channels.

Now you will be getting the German freeview channels, and the specific channel that will air the F1 is RTL Deutschland

If you are going to add this channel manually to an old Sky box here is how

Press Services Scroll over to “Add Channels” (under Options) Enter the Frequency, Polarisation,
Symbol Rate and FEC from below Press the yellow “Find Channels” button.

Signal Rate - 22000 FEC - 2/3 Frequency - 10832 Polarisation - H

Find the RTL channel and save it, it will then appear in your OTHER channels bit.

Of course if you do a blind scan on a satellite receiver you will find it automatically.

So if you have a spare dish on the side of your house, and an old Sky box, this is a 100% free and legal way to watch F1, of course you have German commentary, but just mute that and stick on Radio 5 and job done.

If you dont have a spare dish and box, then the cost is a bit more, but if you like a bit of DIY, you can do all of this for less than £50, and not only will you get free F1, you will also get German sports channels like SPORT1 and EUROSPORT Germany.

You also get free champions league football games that are not shown for free in the UK, as well as Europa League footy, tennis, snooker, boxing, WWE and so on. You just need to do a bit of research for where things air. is a good site telling you which channels around Europe are showing what.

Good channels on Astra19 include, RTL (F1), ZDF (Champions league Footy), Das Erste (General Football), Eurosport (Snooker, Major League Soccer), Sport1 (Darts, Europa League, Handball), MDR/WDR/RBB (Local Football) Prosieben (NFL), Tele5 (WWE)

Its a no brainer for any sports fan who doesn't want to pay for BT Sports or Sky Sports, only thing you cant get is the Premier League

This will also work for anyone across Europe from the UK to Cyprus

Hope this is of help for someone. Happy to answer any questions you have.

Remember you are accessing free to view German channels, you are not doing anything illegal (as long as you have a British TV licence), only thing is you need to do a bit of DIY, or tuning of an old Sky box.

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